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About Restorative PT

About Restorative PT - Physical Therapy in  Asheville

Core Values & Purpose

You’re not broken, and I can’t fix you.

While this may be triggering or a turn-off for some people, I invite you to read on to truly see if this is a good fit.

At Restorative PT, I take an integrated and holistic approach to optimizing your overall health and wellbeing. In doing so, I strive to bridge the gap between western medicine and eastern philosophy and wisdom. Utilizing advancements in technology while bringing awareness to and honoring your inner experience treats the whole person.

I want to go beyond “sick” care and instead help you thrive. I also want to create a partnership where I listen to you as the true expert of your experience. You hear my input as someone with expertise in movement and energetics trained in ways to guide you to optimize your experience.

The result is a collaborative approach. We are both accountable for the time and effort we invest, which yields the best possible outcome and helps you live your best life.

Why Restorative PT?

At Restorative PT in Asheville, you get one-on-one care with a Doctor of Physical Therapy for the entire length of your visit. While I may use some of our time together to introduce new exercises or make adjustments to your home exercise program, I don’t use the majority of your time with me to perform exercises & activities that you can do at home.

I prefer to spend that time doing things that you can’t do on your own time at home unless specific instruction or adjustments need to be made. I’m also currently the only person in the state of NC who is certified as a Level 1 NeuFit. As such, I can use the NeuFit system and the Neubie to help you achieve your goals.

Contact Restorative PT, Inc. in Asheville today to schedule an appointment at 828-788-3990 or info@restorative-pt.com

Restorative PT – Taking you from dis-ease to at ease

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